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Jackson JS1X Minion for small shredders and road hogs

It’s the little things in life that matter. Jackson Guitars know that like no other, which is why they developed this latest addition to their JS series: the Minion JS1X. These electric guitars are a third smaller than their larger siblings, making them ideal for younger children or for guitarists who travel a lot. What’s more, they’ve got a price to match their size!

A full-blown instrument

the JS1X Minion may be slightly smaller than a regular guitar, but that’s not to say you’re getting less bang for your buck! Jackson made sure that its core values, a pure tone and excellent playability, are maintained. To achieve this, they constructed the body out of poplar. Besides offering a balanced tone, poplar is also highly durable. Furthermore, thanks to a short, 22.5” scale length, the frets are quite close together, ensuring that the Minion is very easy to play. Its sound is also nothing to scoff at, as it features full-sized humbuckers for that powerful Jackson sound!

A real eye-catcher!

With this series, Jackson proves that a beginner guitar or travel guitar doesn’t have to be boring and ugly. With the new JS 1X Minion series, you can choose between a Dinky or a Rhoads model - both of which are available in various different finishes. The Dinky is available in Black, Bright Blue, Ferrari Red and the striking Neon Pink! For hard rock and metal enthusiasts, the Rhoads is available in Satin Black, Snow White, Ferrari Red and Neon Green. If you want to encourage you children to practice, giving them a good-looking instrument will go a long way, making sure they have much more fun in the long run.

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