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Jackson Reveal Progressive Metal Monsters and Majestic Minions

In the world of hard rock and metal, Jackson Guitars have been an established name for decades. During the Summer NAMM 2016, this well-known American brand announced a number of progressive new models that seamlessly combine tradition and innovation.

Seventh Heaven and Fanned Frets

It's been a while, but the 7-string Jackson Rhoads is back with the RRX24-7! The reverse headstock helps give this guitar its unmitigated metal look. Another model metal fans have been waiting for is the Soloist SL7. This monster of mayhem is a top-quality 7-string model with two Seymour Duncan Distortion humbuckers. For progressive guitarists, Jackson is introducing two fanned-fret Soloist Archtops: the SLAT7 FF and the SLAT8 FF. The fanned frets allow two different scale-lengths on one fretboard for additional playing comfort.

Minion Series

Last year, Jackson introduced the highly popular Minion series. These models have a smaller body with a shorter scale length of 22.5 inches. That makes them suitable for children or adults who don't want a full-size guitar. For 2016, two bright new versions have been announced: the Dinky Minion JS1X in Neon Green and the Rhoads RR Minion in Neon Pink.

Scott Ian King V

Anthrax' Scott Ian has thrown his forty years of experience on stage, not to mention a healthy dose of creativity, into designing the new USA Signature Scott Ian KVT. The exceptionally stylish King V body combines its modern, pointed shape with traditional design elements like pearl blocks on the fretboard and a large white pickguard. It also has a shorter 24.75-inch scale length that you might expect to find on a Round Horn V instead. If you can't quite get the funds together for an American Jackson, the KVXT is a more affordable model.

This is just a small selection of some of the models that Jackson has in store for autumn 2016. Take a look at the related products below for a more extensive overview of the new models.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.
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