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KHDK Electronics Reveals the Scuzz Box

KHDK Electronics' motto is to create your ideal guitar sound yourself. The search for 'the ultimate tone' may be a struggle, but these four high-quality effects pedals, co-designed by Metallica's very own Kirk Hammett, are sure to help you find it!

Scuzz Box: from vintage to modern

The youngest member of the KHDK family is the Scuzz Box. This fuzz effect was inspired by the iconic fuzz pedals from the sixties and further developed to facilitate the modern guitarist. It's a gem of a pedal that enables you to switch between a Scuzz and a Fuzz setting. If you're looking for a subtle fuzz with excellent articulation or one that's completely over the top, the Scuzz Box offers you both. Just like all their guitar effects pedals, the KHDK Scuzz Box is made in America.

KHDK: built by musicians, for musicians

KHDK Electronics is introducing themselves by offering three overdrive pedals, which is a ballsy choice for a new company. They clearly want to show the versatility in sound and application of this classic effect with the No.1 Overdrive, a warm distortion, the No.2 Clean Boost, best used in combination with a good tube amp, and the creamy Ghoul Screamer, for an especially versatile sound. Even though Kirk Hammett is known for his heavy music style, KHDK pedals are not geared toward metal music in particular. They're suitable for any genre.

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