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Killer Performance with Seymour Duncan!

Seymour Duncan introduces the Killing Floor High Gain Boost.

Little red monster

Seymour Duncan is primarily known for its top-notch guitar pickups, but they have also been making a name for themselves over the last few years with their high-quality, innovative effects pedals. The Seymour Duncan Killing Floor High Gain Boost is the latest addition to their series. This effects pedal for electric guitars does exactly what its name implies; it kills it!

A killing boost

You can use this little bright red monster to give your overall volume a boost, to push your tube amp even further into overdrive, or you can simply have it always on to give your sound that extra pizazz. In addition to the killing boost that increases the gain by a whopping 34dB, the Killing Floor has its own unique bluesy sound that sweetens or darkens your tone, which makes it suitable for many different genres. Whether you're the king of blues, or stirring it up as a metal-shredder, the Seymour Duncan Killing Floor will kill it every time!

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