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Koch Brings the Past to the Present with the Classictone II Series

What is it about guitar amps from the past that makes them so desirable? Could it be the looks? The sound? Or, perhaps it's both. Koch certainly considered both when designing their new classic amplifiers, the Koch Classictone II series! Clearly, they took a look at some iconic tube amps too, as the new series consists of four classic tube amps fitted with EL84 power tubes for a warm sound with awesome overdrive.

New classics

Calling a new product a classic may seem a little strong, yet it's hard to deny that's what Koch has achieved with these new 20 and 40-watt amplifiers. The looks are certainly vintage and they've also succeeded in recreating the sound of yesteryear in the combo and head models, both of which are available in a 20-watt and a 40-watt version.

A large part of the classic sound is down to the EL84 power tubes that deliver a typical crystal-clear, bell-like high. Overdriven, the tubes lean heavily towards a vintage British sound. This gives the Koch Classictone II series amps the wonderful combination of a warm clean coupled with heavy overdrive, complete with characteristic 'singing' upper tones and a healthy dose of compression.

Master volume switch

The front panel features a setting for the master volume so that you can enjoy the tube compression fully whether you're at home, in the studio or on stage. The switch works like an attenuator and with an accurately responsive equalizer divided over the three channels, the sound will never become thick or muddy, no matter the setting.

The two combo models are fitted with a 12-inch VG12-60 speaker that was specially developed for Koch and enhances the amplfier's classic character.

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