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Komplete Kontrol Keyboards Offers Temporary Price Reduction

Are you looking for a comprehensive master keyboard for your computer? Preferably one that seamlessly integrates with the popular Kontakt sampler by Native Instruments? Look no further. Bax-shop has the entire Komplete Kontrol series. What's more, three of these models are offered with an attractive price reduction for a limited time only!

An extensive product

Many USB/MIDI keyboards have similar functions these days. There are lots of basic models available, but if you're willing to make an investment, more expansive models are definitely worth your attention. The Komplete Kontrol in particular offers an enormous amount of functionality; the key switch LED phenomenon being possibly the most desirable. This series is now comprised of the S25, S49, S61 and the S88. The S88 is brand-new and is therefore not included in this offer.

The offer

The S25, S49 and S61 are all very interesting products, and are all temporarily being offered at a reduced price, which is great news, what with the holidays just around the corner! You'll have plenty of time to take advantage of this offer, though, as it runs through till January 11th, 2016. We do kindly request that you register your purchase within the offer period with Native Instruments, and make an account if you don't have one yet.

Be sure to take advantage of this excellent offer. These are top-of-the-bill keyboards that deserve a place in your studio. If you're a fervent Kontact user, then the Komplete Kontrol really is the best product you could ever purchase. We've adjusted the prices for you, and with merely a few clicks of your mouse, one of these beauties can be yours!


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