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Korg Announces the Pa4X Musikant

Only a short while ago, Korg delighted us by announcing the Pa4X. Today, there's even more reason to celebrate, preferably with some beer and bratwurst. Of course a party's nothing without some decent music, and that's where the latest addition to Korg's product range comes in: the Pa4X Musikant, an arranger keyboard that embodies the spirit of German Schlager music.

Korg will be releasing two versions of the Pa4X Musikant: the Pa4X 61 and the Pa4X 76, the 61 and the 76 naturally referring to the instruments' respective number of keys. With the Pa4X Musikant, Korg caters to fans of Schlager music, a typical form of German music, characterised by poppy tunes and sweet, sentimental lyrics. The Musikant is basically a regular Pa4X, but features a fair few additional features that enable you to create your own Schlager songs. As such, it's a great keyboard for entertainers!


Due to the slightly low-brow nature of Schlager music, it's tempting to label the Pa4X Musikant as such, but that would be selling it short. This full-blown Pa4X boasts an incredible range of high-grade sounds and styles, a 500GB hard disk, and a 400MB sample memory that allows you to import your own samples. Would you like to create your own styles? With the Pa4X Musikant you can, and it won't even take up that much of your time, as this Korg can do a lot of the actual work for you.

Musical instruments don't usually have a very specific target audience, but the Pa4X is an exception to that rule. You can use this arranger keyboard for loads of music styles, including pop, synth pop and jazz, but the main reason to invest in the Musikant is a strong affinity with Schlager. Are you a musical entertainer who's not afraid to get a bit schmaltzy? In that case, the Korg Pa4X Musikant is right up your alley!


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