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Korg C1 Air: Stylish Japanese Digital Piano

Korg's new C1 Air digital piano is designed and manufactured in Japan. It has a modern, minimalistic design and is available in black, white and brown. It has Hammer Action keys that make it feel just the same as playing a real grand piano and there are 30 built-in sounds, including both a Japanese and a German grand.

Concert Series

The C1 Air is part of Korg's Concert series that consists of a number of standing pianos that are an excellent alternative to a real acoustic instrument. One of the advantages of digital pianos is that they often have extra features on board including different sounds like electric pianos, organs or strings, for example. With the C1 Air you can combine two different sounds or assign them to different sections of the keyboard. You can also choose to play along with the 40 built-in songs or even your own favourites by streaming them directly to the piano via Bluetooth. Even if you don't fancy playing along, you can just listen to music through the piano's speaker.   

For more information on the C1 Air, take a look at the product pages.

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