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Korg G1 Air Digital Piano: Three Grand Pianos in One!

The Korg G1 Air has captured the sound of not one, not two, but three grand pianos! Dependent on the tuning, the settings and the song selection, you can choose between the sound of a German, an Austrian or a Japanese grand. The G1 is available in black, white and brown.

Authentic playing experience

As well as the highly-realistic grand piano sounds, Korg has done everything to ensure an authentic playing experience that will make it hard to believe you're not playing an actual acoustic piano. That's down to the RH-3 keyboard that has 88 Hammer Action keys. The Korg G1 Air even detects the dynamics in your playing and adjusts the sound accordingly. That includes sounds you'd expect to get from a real piano like dampening, string resonance and Key Off simulation.

Modern design

The G1 Air comes complete with a stand that includes three pedals. Its curvaceous design gives it a modern look with a nod to the past. The technology used on the 4-way sound system is new and thanks to good frequency distribution, the sound is exactly the same as you'd get from an acoustic piano. The G1 even has Bluetooth on board so that you can easily play along with your favourite music.

In more piano news...the SV-1 now also in Metallic Red!

When the SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano was launched in 2009 there were two colours: black and crimson. Korg stopped making the crimson model some time ago. Due to popular demand, however, they have just released a new version in Metallic Red. The functionality and superb playing feel has been left unchanged. The 73-key and 88-key models are also available in the new colour.

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product pages.

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