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KORG In-Ear Metronome: Feel the Rhythm!

KORG launches a series of comfortable in-ear metronomes specifically designed for musicians, dancers, or athletes!

Four types, many features

KORG offers four new in-ear metronomes with the kind of functionality you've come to expect from this high-end brand. They offer you access to a wide range of tempos and rhythms. What makes these products so special is that each set of in-ear metronome is geared towards a specific type of user. The white IE-1M In-Ear Metronome is suitable for musicians who play alone. For musicians in an ensemble, there's the black SY-1M Sync Metronome. You can even synchronise multiple in-ear metronomes via infrared so everyone plays to exactly the same rhythm.

For dancers and athletes!

Not only do musicians profit from the KORG in-ear metronome. As the name implies, the red SY-1D Sync Dancing is designed specifically for dancers. You can also synchronise this model with your dance partner's set, so neither of you will miss a beat! Finally, there's the silver SR-1G Stroke Rhythm. This model was developed for golfers to improve their swing, but joggers and walkers can also benefit from these ultra-lightweight in-ear metronomes. Get into a rhythmic trance and before you know it, you'll have run that extra mile!

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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