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Korg Kronos - Three Updates

With the Kronos, Korg issued a high-end music workstation that offers outstanding software integration. By releasing regular updates, Korg makes sure its gear stays up to date. Take these recent three updates for the Kronos, for instance.

Kronos Editor 3.0.0 and Plug-in Editor 3.0.0

Working with a Kronos is a real pleasure, not in the least part because of its attractive colour display. A PC or Mac also has its benefits, however. Editing the Kronos' Set List, Combination, Program, Wave Sequence, Drum and Global settings is easy with the stand-alone Kronos Editor. For DAW applications (AU, VST, 32-bit), there's a special Plug-in Editor.

Version 3.0.0 - now available for both the regular and the Plug-in Editor - supports the SGX-2 piano module. That means you can use its vintage effects wherever the Kronos applies effects. Additionally, this new version of the Kronos (Plug-in) Editor allows you to edit Programs in the context of Combinations and Songs.

Kronos System 3.0.3

In order to support the aforementioned features, your Kronos' system can do with an update as well. Do you want to make the most of all these great new possibilities? Make sure to install Kronos System version 3.0.3 first.

Kronos Sub-System Firmware 1.08

This firmware update was developed for the Kronos 2, which is also known as the 2015 edition. It aims straight for the heart of the Kronos, and fixes two rare yet extremely annoying glitches. First of all, in rare cases, the Kronos' audio outputs suffer from USB data transmission with an external computer. Secondly, users may have, on occasion, come across an error message saying that 'A problem has been detected'. With this firmware update, both of these problems have been solved.

In short, thanks to these three updates, you'll be able to use your Kronos to its full potential again. If you're an avid Kronos user, they come highly recommended. To get the updates, visit this page, and click on the option Operating System.

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