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KORG News: Limited Edition microKORG PT and New Tuners!

KORG have clearly been busy as the announcement of the limited edition microKORG PT and a number of new tuners show. The microKORG is always a winner among synth fans and tuners are an essential item that musicians just can't live without.


Happy 15th birthday!

It's no surprise that plenty of musicians are familiar with the microKORG, considering it's compact, affordable and chock-full of great synth sounds. To celebrate its 15th anniversary, KORG are introducing a limited edition: the microKORG PT. This special model has been given a stylish platinum finish which looks great sandwiched between the black wood side panels. Apart from that, the microKORG PT offers all of the same functionality, sounds and possibilities we know and love.


A choice of tuners!

We've already mentioned the necessity of a tuner and KORG clearly agree as they're bringing out a number of new ones. If you like your precious metals, then the gold-coloured TM-50-GD or the silver-coloured CA-2-SL should be right up your street. If that's not your bag, then perhaps the top-quality AW-LT100 will appeal to you. It's available in five different versions so that guitarists, bassists, trumpet & trombone players, violinists and orchestra players can all be in tune! The bright, colour LCD and easy controls make the AW-LT100 extremely easy to use.

For more information including prices and delivery times, take a look at the relevant product pages.

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