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Korg PitchCrow-G Clip-on Tuner: more functionality, smaller size

With the PitchCrow-G, Korg ushers in a new generation of clip-on tuners. This tuner is 20% lighter and smaller than other models, which helps extend the battery life to up to 24 hours. Maximum functionality, minimal size!

Korg PitchCrow-G: practical and user-friendly

Forty years after the introduction of the first Korg tuner, the famous company still knows how to innovate. Besides the usual clip-on tuner functionality, the PitchCrow-G has a number of practical additions. For instance, it doesn't just display the relevant note while you're tuning, it also displays which string you're working on. That helps prevent you accidentally turning the wrong machine head. Furthermore, the PitchCrow gives you a warning when the tension on your high E-string becomes too great, to prevent it from breaking. These are just a few examples of this compact clip-on tuner's excellent features. For a full overview, check the relevant product pages. The Korg PitchCrow-G is available in both black and white.

Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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