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Korg Presents the MicroKey 2 USB MIDI Keyboard

While options are ever expanding, gear keeps getting smaller and smaller. It's a trend we haven't seen the end of yet. Take Korg's latest USB MIDI keyboards, for instance, the MicroKey 2 models. They're quite compact, but if you only have limited space at your disposal, they're a real life-saver.

Good things comes in small packages

There are many people who could benefit from a USB MIDI keyboard with a practical small housing. They're a great tool for mobile producers and others who want to to transport their laptop, keyboard and audio interface in a single backpack. As Korg's MicroKey controllers are equipped with mini keys instead of full-sized ones, they're smaller than regular MIDI keyboards. Despite their small size, these mini keys are remarkably comfortable to play; they certainly don't feel like toys.

Two series

Korg's MicroKey 2 is available in two different versions: the standard MicroKey 2 and the MicroKey 2 Air. The Air edition is virtually identical to the regular MicroKey 2, but offers additional Bluetooth support (a matching Windows driver is being developed as we speak). Both models have a connector for a sustain pedal, for instance, and are compatible with PC and Mac, as well as iPad (iOS 8 or later). An iPad isn't able to provide these MIDI keyboards with the USB power supply they need, but there's no need to worry. Two AA batteries will do the trick, keeping you playing happily for up to thirty hours.


It's always nice to get a little something extra with your purchase, and Korg knows how to treat their customers right. The MicroKey comes with a bundle of software, including Korg M1 (with upgrade option for the Legacy Collection), UVI Digital Sensations, AAS Session versions of Ultra Analog, Strum Acoustic and Lounge Lizzard. In addition to all that, you also get the Reason Limited package, so you can get started on your own compositions right away. Do you prefer working with Ableton Live? You're in luck; a discount coupon is also part of the deal.

Are you looking for a clever, compact USB MIDI keyboard controller for your (home) studio or mobile setup? Korg has just the thing you need!


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