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Korg Presents the Pa4X and the Liverpool

Once again, Korg has managed to come up with a number of impressive new products. With the Pa4X 61, the Pa4X 76 and - the most remarkable model - the Liverpool, the famous manufacturer has launched three new keyboards.

Let’s start with the last and most fun model. In essence, the Liverpool is a Beatles keyboard, modelled after the Korg microARRANGER. What makes this keyboard so unique is that, in addition to its regular styles and sounds, it offers 100 famous Beatles songs. Would you like to play your own rendition of Strawberry Fields Forever? With the Korg Liverpool, you can! You’ll be the one playing, but the arrangements are exactly like 658061893 those of the original. The name Liverpool and the keyboard’s Union Jack design pay homage to the city and country where the Fab Four originally formed their famous band.

The Pa4X

Remember the Pa3X series of comprehensive arranger workstations? Korg isn’t the type of manufacturer to rest on its laurels, and with the Pa4X series, they have actually managed to improve upon the original design. Offering more sounds and more options, these keyboards will serve you on the road as well as at home. The large colour display makes you feel like you’re working with a computer, but these keyboards offer practical hands-on control nonetheless.

The sounds of the Pa4X

With the Pa4X, Korg has really made a statement - it offers ten times as many sounds as previous models, and tops that off with 400 MB of sample memory for your own sounds. Once you’ve worked your way through all the factory sounds, you can simply start creating your own, so you’ll never have to get bored. Other note-worthy features include a special new guitar engine and organ engine, and panel sliders that allow you to control the registers.

The effects of the Pa4X

A great arranger workstation is nothing without a healthy dose of effects. Korg knows that, so they collaborated with two veritable effects experts: TC-Helicon and Waves. Accompany your own singing, while the TC algorithms enhance your vocals or create a vocal harmony. The Waves algorithms, meanwhile, put you in control of mastering, ensuring a truly commercial sound.

Korg’s Pa4X models were designed with professionals and ardent amateurs in mind. The Liverpool, however, is a more affordable keyboard - and a true must-have for real Beatles fans, of course. These new Korg keyboards are due to hit the shelves in October 2015.


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