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Korg Reveals ARP Odyssey FS and Kronos Gold

Korg makes products for true synth aficionados, and now they've done it again with a number of special limited editions of the ARP Odyssey and the Korg Kronos!

ARP Odyssey Full Size: a modern classic

Not too long ago, ARP (now owned by Korg) released a range of remakes of their vintage ARP Odyssey synthesizers. They were great machines, although smaller than the originals. Now, in 2017, they're back with a new full-size remake, effectively bringing the ARP Odyssey synth back in all its glory. Even though it's now equipped with some modern perks like MIDI IN and USB-MIDI, this good old authentic Odyssey houses the original circuitry for an analogue sound.

Colourful synth

The Odyssey was made popular by artists such as Elton John, ABBA, Vangelis, Ultravox, and many more, so it's a product that has a lot to offer. Just as with the previous series of remakes, there are three available colour schemes: white, black/gold and black/orange, which are references to the classic revised versions of the original Odyssey. This new series only differs from the original in colour, though, everything under the bonnet is identical!

Kronos Gold: Chic Limited Edition

Korg is also taking the opportunity to introduce their new-and-improved Kronos super synth. Its pure eye candy with its golden lacquer finish and Sunburst side panels. With no fewer than nine sound engines at your fingertips, the Korg Kronos offers an especially comprehensive Music Workstation where musicians can let their creative juices flow. The Kronos Gold is available with 61, 73 or 88 keys.

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