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Korg Volca Sample OK Go - Special Limited Edition

The American band OK Go has just unveiled the new Korg Volca Sample OK Go, their signature version of the Volca Sample that was was already on the market. This one is for the fans - but you'll have to be quick! There is only a limited number available!

The Volca Sample

These four guys are the colourful band OK Go. The letter type on their t-shirts gives away the fact that the band has recently collaborated with Korg to develop their signature Volca Sample OK Go. It may look like a little toy gadget, but it's so much more. This is an extensive little machine you can create some colourful beats with. You can load your own samples, so audio-wise, it's a device with endless possibilities. You can also choose to work with the built-in samples, which is where this Volca Sample offers something the original doesn't have; namely, the samples used in the band's latest album, "Hungry Ghosts"! Get creative with their unique sounds with the Volca Sample OK Go!


This device has modest, but adequate audio editing capabilities. You can change the essence of the sound with these parameters, but what's even better is that you can sequence them with a step sequencer. That's when the Volca Sample really comes to life.

Do you own a previous Volca model? Undoubtedly, this Volca Sample is what you need to complete your collection. Even if you own the original Volca Sample, this is a great addition. With sync inputs and outputs, you can easily connect them together. There are only 3,000 copies of this particular Volca Sample, so we expect them to sell like hotcakes!


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