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KRK Launches New Generation Studio Subwoofers

KRK is hands down one of the most renowned manufacturers of studio monitors and subwoofers on the market. They're known for developing studio monitors that have an extremely pure, neutral frequency response, which is greatly appreciated by producers and engineers around the world. KRK has upgraded the original 10s, 12s and the 12sHO to augment their studio monitors even better. For producers who regularly mix in surround sound, or who want to enhance their stereo setup, an updated series is surely a godsend. KRK have added a next generation 8-inch model to the series.

Additional 8-inch sub

Next to the subwoofers mentioned above, KRK has added an 8-inch sub to their Studio series. Their strategy with the release of this 8s2 is to complement the brand's more affordable studio monitors such as the RP5. The 8s2 sub delivers a continual power capacity of 109 watts which means it's powerful enough to augment the lows in the RP5 monitors.

Cosmetic update of the 10s, 12s, and 12sHO

With the introduction of the 8s2 (the number 2 in the name refers to the 2nd generation units), KRK updated their existing series by rounding the corners of the housing for an even more accurate audio representation. The 10s2 and 12s2 have been equipped with a 10 and 12-inch woofer respectively. When it comes to specifications, they are similar to previous series, except for an aesthetic upgrade. This also goes for the 12sHO2—'HO' stands for 'High Output'. This sub has a 400-watt capacity and suits the more powerful KRK studio monitors like the VXT-8.

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