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KRK Presents New V Series 4 Reference Monitors

KRK is a brand that needs no introduction. For the past 30 years, they've produced reference monitors that are affordable and offer consistently high quality. The V Series 4 monitors represent the cumulation of thirty years of experience. By introducing the V4, V6 and V8, KRK can consider themselves the proud manufacturers of an impressive range of reference monitors.

Re-evaluating 30 years of experience

Before the KRK engineers developed the V Series 4 monitors, they reflected on what made these monitors so special. Their daring colour contrast and accurate audio reproduction was an enormous success right off the bat, especially considering they also had an affordable price tag. The V Series 4 monitors consist of the V4 (85 W), the V6 (155 W) and the V8 (230 W). The woofers are 4 inches, 6.5 inches and 8 inches respectively, and the tweeters of all three are 1 inch in diameter. Both the woofers and tweeters are made of sturdy kevlar.

Optimising acoustic properties

These monitors also feature 49 DSP presets that allow for optimal sound adjustment based on the acoustics of the room. This algorithm is designed around hundreds of simulations of various circumstances, which means there's a setting that will match just about any situation. Finally, the housing has been perfected to ensure the prevention of any interfering frequencies. Above all, the aluminium front panel has an exclusive appearance and the MDF construction offers stable, vibration-free audio reproduction. To sum up, the V Series 4 studio monitors are designed to help you get the very best results during the mixing and mastering process.

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