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Kurzweil Announces M230 Digital Piano

Kurzweil definitely knows their stuff. When this company designs a digital piano, you just know it's going to be an excellent product. Of course, the recently announced M230 digital piano is no exception; it's a great, simple model with just a few nice extras thrown in for good measure.

Sounds great

Kurzweil has always delivered excellent sound, and the M230 does just that. Great piano voices, as well as electric pianos, organs, orchestra sounds and much more. It also offers rhythmic accompaniment patterns, so you can jam along to an invisible drummer.

A good-looking instrument

Very basic, very elegant, to-the-point, that's all it needs to be. The controls are to the far left, and no further bells and whistles are needed there, either. Besides a fantastic instrument, this rosewood-coloured piano is also great piece of furniture that will look good in virtually any room in the house.

Great for piano lessons

Its compact size, combined with an impressive range of features, makes the Kurzweil M230 a great choice for use in piano lessons. The keyboard allows you to layer sounds, assign different sounds to the left and right sides of the keyboard, and to split the keyboard into two mini keyboards for a dual keyboard mode. Using the latter option, you and a teacher or friend can both play on the same piano, using the same range of keys.

In short, the M230 is a great choice for people who are serious about starting to play the piano. Doubly so because you won't have to periodically tune it, and you can plug in a pair of headphones to practise quietly.

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