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Kurzweil Announces the Forte SE Stage Piano

Professional pianists are going to want to find a hammer for their piggy banks, because Kurzweil has something new in the pipe line! Kurzweil synthesizers and stage pianos have actually always been good. Has Kurzweil ever made a bad product? We didn't think so either. This time, it's the new Kurzweil Forte SE's turn to turn some heads.

This is going to be an animal of a stage piano - built like a tank, and housing a treasure chest of possibilities. Naturally, the Forte SE feels right at home on stage, but it certainly has a place in the studio as well.


Because this is merely an announcement, Kurzweil hasn't finalised the list of characteristics yet. Part of the information is therefore limited, while the other part is pure speculation, for now. In any case, the amazing hammer-action keyboard (Fatar TP/100), which is weighted of course, is equipped with aftertouch - how unique! With that, the Forte SE isn't only going to be a king on stage, but in the production studio as well.


Kurzweil spends a lot of time and attention on the sounds for their synthesizers, workstations and stage pianos, which is one of the main focusses of the company. The German D Grand Piano Expansion and the Kore E64 are both present, but also the Japanese grand, representing a simulation of tone wheel organs and KSR technology (Kurzweil String Resonance). It's a shame letters and words don't make sound. So, go try it out for yourself as soon as the Forte SE arrives!


If it were just a stage monster, then half a Kurzweil Forte SE would be impressive. But studio owners get to look forward to a polyphony of 128 voices, FlashPlay technology for a multiple-gigabyte sound library (and zero loading time!), and a huge amount of effects. Also the new step sequencer, made up of eight MIDI zones, and the fact that you can manipulate the sounds to your heart's content, prove the Forte SE is more than just a stage piano.

So just a little bit longer, key lovers, and your patience will be rewarded! As mentioned in the introduction - has Kurzweil ever made anything less than awesome? Keep that in mind when adding the Forte SE to your wishlist!

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