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Latin Percussion Recycles with their LAP RAW Series!

Latin Percussion have added a number of unique percussion instruments to their assortment. Now the LP RAW Series includes a Trash Snare, Jangle Bell, Potz and Street Cans. These instruments were inspired by handmade instruments found all over the world that were built out of recycled materials.


Latin Percussion RAW Series

The LP RAW series consists of four different percussion instruments that all have one thing in common: recycled steel. You'll see this feature at first glance with the Trash Snare, Potz and Street Cans. The Trash Snare is actually an upside-down rubbish bin lid fitted with a single-ply drumhead. The Potz looks a bit like an upside down kitchen pot, and you'll recognize the Street Cans as being inspired by oil drums. These instruments are perfect for South American music styles, and they're also excellent choices for genres such as metal and fusion. You can see all of the instruments in the RAW series in the photo below.

LP RAW Jangle Bell

The Jangle Bell is actually kind of a pimped up version of the Classic Rock Ridge Rider Bell. Just like the original, this 8-inch cowbell features a Jenigor dampening edge, which also works to protect your sticks. In order to give it a rawer look, the bell isn't painted, and the dampening edge is black instead of the original yellow. Six pairs of chrome-plated steel jingles in the mouth of the cowbell add a nice extra effect.


The Potz are available in 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch versions, and their sound can best be compared with a cowbell / agogo. The entire instrument is made of steel, and it consists of a steel "drumhead" that's welded to the shell. You can play the Potz with your sticks, mallets, or even your hands to get different timbres. They're easy to integrate in your existing setup thanks to the handy eyelet bolt, which is compatible with 3/8 and 1/2-inch multi-clamp rods. There's also an option to mount a Sound Enhancer to the 8-inch Potz, which is a great way to discover even more sound options.

LP1601 RAW Trash Snare

The Trash Snare might be the most unique instrument in the RAW series. That's because it's not just a snare drum, but also a shaker, a sea drum, and a timbale. This upside-down trash can lid is fitted with a single-ply drumhead on each side, and it can be played with regular drum sticks. It also comes with two essential accessories—a bag with plastic beads, and the Sound Enhancer Snare.

Put the beads in the Trash Snare, and voila! It's an enormous shaker. If you move the instrument horizontally in a fluid, majestic motion, then you'll get the lovely sound of a sea drum. You can also move the beads around on the drumhead for a different effect, or if you'd like an even stronger effect, you can let the beads glide around on the steel lid.

If you want to get a good snare sound, you can mount the included Sound Enhancer to the edge of the Trash Snare. Of course, you can get two different sound by using the beads, or not. Finally, you can get a timbale sound if you use a high tuning and take out the beads. In short, this is a versatile instrument perfect for creative drummers and percussionists.

LP RAW Street Cans

The Street Cans look a lot like floor toms, only they're made of oil barrels instead of wood. As such, they sound a little dimmer than floor toms. They're also similar to surdos, but that comparison still a bit of a stretch because the Street Cans really have their own, unique sound. If you want more depth, power, resonance and volume, then the Street Cans might be just the ticket! You can use them as a replacement for your floor tom, but they can also stand alone. Thanks to the extra-long legs, you can play them while standing, which is handy for that extra show element during solos or in drum groups that play standing. The LP RAW Street Cans are available in three different sizes: 14 x 16 inches, 16 x 16 inches and 18 x 16 inches.

The LP RAW series will be available soon at Bax-shop. Check out the individual product pages for current delivery times.

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