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LED Up Your World with Briteq Lighting Effects

Last month, the good people at Briteq Light Research put on an incredible light show with a load of new effects. Now, you can put the same show together with the BEAMBAR5-RGBW and BEAMBAR10-RGBW, the BEAM WIZARD5X5 LED and the BT-DAZZLE! All these lighting elements work with LED lamps, which means they're a lot more energy-efficient, but can still produce powerful beams of light.


The BEAM WIZARD5X5 is what's known as a moving head. It has a grid with five by five lights on it that can rotate on its own axis as well as turn over completely. Essentially, you can light up an entire room with this one fixture. Imagine, then, what you could do by connecting several Briteq BEAM WIZARD5X5s in a row! You could make an entire video wall! Just like the other effects, the BEAM WIZARD5X5 can be operated via DMX. It offers you 116 channels and the possibility to connect using an RJ45 cable so you can control it via ethernet.


If you're a fan of spinning lighting effects, you'll appreciate the new BT-DAZZLE. This fixture has four individual lights, and can also rotate on its own axis and turn upside down. With it, you can create gorgeous fans of light and vortexes, or emulate other impressive forces of nature, thanks in part to the dim and stroboscope functions. It's up to you if you want to use it in stand-alone or Master/Slave mode, or control it via DMX.


Finally, Briteq introduces two LED projectors. The smaller of the two is named the BEAMBAR5-RGBW, the number being a reference to its number of LEDs. The larger of the two, and twice as powerful with ten lights is therefore called the BEAMBAR10-RGBW. You can really set the tone with these bars by bathing a wall in soothing light, or activating responsive flashing and flickering effects. The RGBW lights allow you to shoot a wide array of colours into the room, and using the included frost filters, you can even give them a cool haze.

Curious about these lighting effects? Check out the product pages for more information.

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