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Limited Edition Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra: Sabbath in a stomp box!

With Catalinbread's Sabbra Cadabra you can turn any amplifier into a 'rig of doom'! This Limited Edition Ash version will look great on your pedal board too. U + Sabbra Cadabra = m/

Feels good to me

Tony Iommi's groundbreaking sound was the result of a treble booster plugged into a Laney Supergroup amplifier. The result was an unbelievable sound that basically spawned an entirely new music genre. His method of producing this sound was most effective at full volume, something that is not so practical for musicians today. Fortunately, for you (and your ears!) Catalinbread allows you to recreate the same sound at lower volumes with the Sabbra Cadabra. This treble booster works well on a clean amplifier at volumes that mere mortals can tolerate. The limited edition version has a special oak cover with engraved artwork on the robust aluminium housing.


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