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Limited Edition Gretsch Jim Dandy

That the Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy is still as popular as ever is no surprise. It's a lovely, attractively priced parlour-style guitar that makes you think of the early Delta Blues. An instrument like this really doesn't need to be changed. Gretsch do bring out limited editions of this model in different colours every now and then however, just like this G9500 Jim Dandy Barn Wood Burst.

Vintage look, sound and feel

The story behind the Gretsch Jim Dandy will already be familiar to many guitarists. The G9500 harks back to America before the second World War. This was an important time for music, particularly for the rise of Delta Blues. Many guitarists at this time were using a Gretsch Rex parlour model made of pine, a wood type that produced a very distinct sound that was excellent for the Delta Blues style and slide guitar. Unfortunately, guitars made of pine have not stood the test of time well and many of the Rex models are no longer with us. For the G9500, therefore, Gretsch decided to use Agathis, a wood type with very similar sound properties to pine. This is a chance for fans of authentic acoustic blues to get their hands on an affordable model with a vintage sound and feel. The new Barn Wood Burst finish complements the vintage look beautifully too.

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