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Limited Edition Ibanez RC1720SPR-AWF Roadcore Prestige from Japan!

Ibanez presents the Limited Edition RC1720SPR-AWF Roadcore Prestige from Japan. Bax-shop has managed to get its hands on 2 of these very special models, so if you want one you'll have to act fast.

Decidedly good guitars

The land of the rising sun may be well-known for its technology, but it's also pretty good when it comes to things like building guitars. A prime example is this Japanese Ibanez RC1720SPR-AWF Roadcore Prestige with its beautiful, aged matte-white finish known as Antique White Flat. Unlike most Ibanez models that have a relatively thin neck, the Roadcore guitars have a thicker neck for a stronger, fatter sound with better sustain. The sustain is further enhanced by the Tight-Tune bridge and string-through body. When it comes to pickups, this model has two Ibanez Super 9s that you won't find on any other Ibanez model. These P90s deliver an enormously expressive, fat single-coil sound. Obviously, a guitar this special deserves protection, which is why it comes with a hard case.

Check out the product page for more information, including delivery times and prices.

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