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Limited Edition Jackson Dinky And Rhoads With Maple Fretboard

Many guitarists dream of owning a unique instrument, that is different from anyone else's. Unfortunately, those kinds of guitars are usually quite pricey, meaning not everyone will be able to afford one. Jackson now breaks that tradition by releasing very special editions of the highly affordable JS32Q DKA-M Dinky and JS32 RR-M Rhoads! These guitars will only be available in highly limited numbers, so be sure to order yours quickly!

Powerful sound

A common theme in these Limited Edition Jackson guitars is the use of maple. While the bodies are made of poplar, resulting in a well-balanced tone, both models have various maple touches. The JS32Q DKA-MQ Dinky Arch Top, for instance, features a gorgeous arched top made of triple A quilted maple. The JS32 RR-M Rhoads, has plies of maple on both the front and back of the body, resulting in excellent resonance and a very bright sound. Both models also have a maple fretboard with the iconic Sharkfin position markers that have helped make Jackson guitars stand out for decades now.
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