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Line 6 Helix multi-effects processor: the new standard for professional guitar effects

If you've been looking for a guitar processor that does it all, then you've been searching for the Helix Line 6. We're talking about a multi-effects processor with enough power for routing, recording and editing - the ideal pedal for professionals. It's not just limited to studio use either. This bad boy is a great tool for guitarists who love their stomp boxes. With 12 foot switches and 70 effects to choose from, you're not going to run out of new combinations any time soon. Not only that, but up to 32 effects can be used per button. Simultaneously. Luckily, Line 6 realised that with so much going on, it might be difficult to keep it all organised, which is why you can enter a name for your effect above each button.

Line 6 Helix colour display makes navigation a cinch

Six smart edit buttons allow you to adjust intensity, volume, mix, and all kinds of other parameters that directly affect your effect. Your effects can be added to a variety of places in the signal path, and thanks to the 6.2" colour display screen, it's easy to see what's where. Line 6 claims that new users will be able to use up to 90% of the pedal's functionality after spending just 5 minutes with the quick start guide.

The Line 6 Helix is so much more than a collection of great effects though. Line 6 is known for being the trend setter in modelling, and the Helix is a perfect example of that. This multi-effect pedal offers 45 amp simulations, for instance. An internal double DSP HX modelling machine is responsible for the amp modelling, and it puts everything from classic tube compression, sag, and power attenuation right at your fingertips. You can use up to four amplifier types simultaneously, and the sound can be transmitted via the speaker output or via any of the 30 cabinets and 16 microphone configurations directly to your mixer or recording device.

Four FX loops for extensive switching possibilities

The Helix has no fewer than four effects loops on board, along with three outputs for expression pedals. Four send/returns means that your existing guitar setup - which you may have spent years perfecting - can be fully integrated. It also means that you can switch between your physical sound system and the Helix's modelled amplifiers. There are plenty of different ways to hook your pedals up in the signal chain, and then to mix them with other effects on the Helix. You can even connect keyboards and other external devices - the sky's the limit! Want to use the Helix to supplement your own preamp setup? No problem - the choice is yours.

You can use the Helix's external amp switching to turn your own amplifier on or off and to apply any edited signals you like. Furthermore, the 8-in/8-out USB interface makes re-amping possible; the Helix transmits a dry signal that can then be edited. The edited and unedited signals can be transmitted to different locations simultaneously, and you'll find that the sound quality is still neat and tidy. It's clear that Line 6 spent a lot of time focusing on every step of the process, from the moment the signal leaves your guitar to the moment it reaches your ears.

The Helix is prepared to handle everything from tone editing and modelling to routing and controlling. You can even use it to control the MIDI rig for your entire band, with up to six MIDI commands per patch. It might sound complex, but the devices takes you through all of the steps in an astoundingly comprehensive manner. You'll find that the Helix was built to last, and as such it features a rugged design that makes it a great addition to your setup, whether you're working in the studio or taking your show on the road. There's no doubt about it: pedal aficionados, home recording artists and touring guitarists should all invite the Line 6 Helix for an audition.

Be sure to check back, because Line 6 also has plans to release a rack mount version of the Helix. As soon as more specifications are released, Bax-shop will be the first place you can find them.

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