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Line 6 Offers New Helix Native Plugin

You read that right! The popular guitar modeller Helix has come up with a brand-new plugin! Everything the hardware version can do is also possible with this Helix Native plugin. That means you've got sixty amplifiers, more than thirty speakers, and over a hundred guitar effects at your disposal! The video below offers a sneak preview of what you can expect...

Standalone or plugin in your DAW

All you have to do to is load the plugin into your DAW software, or use it in standalone mode on your Mac or PC. In no time, you'll be playing with the amp/speaker combo of your dreams. Plug-and-play has never been easier!

Keep an eye on our product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing. Also, be sure to check out our NAMM overviewfor info on all the newest products!

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