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Luxury Beats Solo2 for True Aficionados

It's hard to imagine a world without Beats by Dre headphones. Renowned for their design and sound, they now come in the very chic Solo2 Luxury Edition. These glossy on-ear headphones with polished silver details come in four colours: black, silver, blue and red. Fancy a set?

Designed with style

Compared to the original Beats by Dre Solo, the exterior of the Solo2 has been slightly altered. The headband frame runs a bit closer to the sides of the head to increase comfort, and extends into the naturally-shaped ear pads, which can rotate for an ultimate fit. They also fold in towards the mid-frame so they can fit in the included case for easy and safe storage.

Solo2 Luxury Edition: full music

Together with the design, the technology of these headphones has also been improved in comparison to the previous generation. An even greater dynamic range ensures that lows are truly low, and that the highest tones are audible in detail. This creates a balanced sound that comes through loud and clear thanks to active noise suppression. The ear pads are made from a heat-resistant material, meaning your ears won't be burning when you take the Solo2s off. At least, not because of the headphones.

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