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M-Audio AV 32.1 - Full Range at a Nice Price

Are you looking for a great Christmas present for someone dear to you? Yourself, perhaps? Take a look at the M-Audio AV 32.1 speaker system!

Full range

This is a 2.1 monitor set, which means it includes two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. Together, they have an impressive 36Hz - 22kHz range, which makes your DVDs or Blu-rays (think the explosions in any Michael Bay movie, or the helicopter scenes in Spectre, for instance) sound better than ever! Alternatively, you could use this set as a great full-range monitor setup for your studio, as they allow you to accurately judge the quality of your mix.

Numbers and applications

The sound of the main monitors is produced by 1" silk dome tweeters and 3" woofers, while the sub has a 6.5" woofer that is able to reproduce frequencies as low as 36 Hz. Although at first glance the AV32.1 looks like a HiFi set, M-Audio has made sure that its performance is way beyond that. Furthermore, besides home-audio and studio applications, the AV32.1 is also a great set for up-and-coming DJs!

What could be more fun this December than giving an aspiring musician this fantastic set of monitors? For all you're getting, the price is absolutely worth it!

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