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M-Audio Presents M-Track Vocal Studio Pro

Who doesn't love a good package deal? The new M-Track Vocal Studio Pro by M-Audio is sure to be appreciated by anyone in the market for a good studio bundle!

The M-Track Vocal Studio Pro

This package deal essentially turns your computer into the beating heart of your music studio. It contains an intuitive audio interface that equips your computer with all the right connection options and a very sensitive, good-quality large-diaphragm condenser microphone. That's not all. It also includes a set of headphones that is sure to provide you with years of listening enjoyment. Finally, a microphone cable completes the picture... or does it?


That's right, if you invest in this studio bundle, you'll also get the popular DAW software Cubase LE! It comes with plenty of sounds so you can build up tracks from scratch such as Xpand!2, which is a large collection of sounds belonging to all sorts of musical genres. For drums and percussion, you can use Strike software, and a good piano can be found in Mini Grand. Finally, the Creative FX Collection offers you audio effects like reverb, echo and distortion.

In short: with this M-Audio M-track Vocal Studio Pro pack, you get enormous potential and possibilities with a minimal investment!

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