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M-Audio Presents the BX5 D3 and BX8 D3 Studio Monitors

Every now and then, a product comes through here with a price tag that really catches our eye like these new studio monitors by M-Audio. The BX5 D3 and the BX8 D3 are incredible value for money and won't break the bank!

Mixing at any budget

The frequency response of the BX5 D3 is 52 Hz - 35 kHz while that of the BX8 D3 is 37 Hz - 22 kHz. These are impressive ranges, but what really sets these monitors apart from the competition is their price tags! The built-in sweet spot indicator, XLR and TRS inputs, and a bass adjust for when your acoustics aren't optimal make these monitors incredible value for money. Even more importantly, studio monitors like these enable you to mix with confidence. You simply won't find monitors at a better price, and mixing on mediocre Hi-Fi speakers will be a thing of the past. What's more, these monitors are great news for studio engineers who are just starting out. With great features and a price to match, what are you waiting for?

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