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Mackie Introduces Fully Independent PA System with Bluetooth

Mackie introduces the all-in-one, fully independent Reach PA system, which has a number of interesting features. For instance, music can be streamed using Bluetooth, and the whole system can be controlled wirelessly using a downloadable app.

Innovative and Functional

A feature known as ARC (Amplified Radial Curve) delivers a sound that covers 150 degrees. That's 50% more than other PA systems. This makes it ideal for use in places where the audience is spread out far and wide. Combined with the EarShot system, the Reach can cover an incredible 250 degrees, something that is unprecedented for a PA system.

EarShot: personal monitoring

The EarShot system ensures that you can also hear yourself clearly. This is perfect for situations where no other form of monitoring is available. The volume level and other settings can be adjusted per channel so that you'll always get the sound you need. The mixer features a 3-band equalizer and has 16 built-in effects. It also has a function known as 'feedback destroyer'. This seeks out and eliminates any frequencies that cause feedback before it happens. A downloadable app for Apple and Android devices allows you to control the system wirelessly. Could this be the ulitimate PA system?

Keep an eye on our product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.


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