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Mackie Launches Three New Big Knob Monitor Controllers

When Mackie introduced the Big Knob monitor controller about a decade ago, it proved to be a huge hit. Its Studio Command System made it possible to switch between monitor pairs and various input sources, which earned the system a central spot in a great many recording studios. Now, Mackie launch a line with three new models: the Big Knob Passive, the Big Knob Studio and the Big Knob Studio+.

Big Knob Passive: monitor controller

The Big Knob Passive is designed for the compact (home) studio. It's a fully-passive monitor controller that features two pairs of monitor outputs for two sets of monitors. The Passive also has two input sources and doesn't require an external power supply. It's compact, practical, and it features the large trade-mark volume knob in the centre.

Big Knob Studio: with integrated audio interface

With their Big Knob Studio, Mackie is concentrating on a wider target audience within the pro-audio world. This controller can drive two sets of studio monitors and enables you to make professional recordings as well. As well as a monitor controller, the Big Knob Studio also functions as a fully-fledged audio interface for recording 24-bit/96 kHz audio. You can also choose between three input sources and there's even an input for your smartphone or tablet.

Big Knob Studio+: more is more

The biggest of the three new Big Knobs is the Studio+, which allows you to switch between four input sources and drive three sets of monitors. It's also equipped with a built-in audio interface and has two Onyx preamps on board so you can record at 24-bit/192 kHz. Furthermore, you'll find a Talkback function and an input for a smartphone or tablet. Finally, the Studio+ has two headphone outputs and a dedicated studio output for a headphone system.

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