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Magic FX have released their own line of FX Powders!

Colour powders are becoming an increasingly popular part of many festivals and events, such as the Colour Run, for instance. You definitely won't leave without some colour on your face! Due to increasing popularity, Magic FX have released their own line of colour powders!

Magic FX now have their own line of colour powders - they're available in the colours blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, and pink. As you would expect from a brand like Magic FX, all their powders are produced to meet the highest quality standards. As such, the powders are non-toxic, non-irritating and non-flammable, so you can safely use them on your audience.


Place the colour powders in the electric hand-held cannons by Magic FX and launch them over your audience. By using these cannons, you'll have full control over the direction of the powder. The powders are great as effects during daytime festivals. Due to sunlight, light effects are often not yet entirely visible, so if you still want to create a wonderful effect, these FX Powders by Magic FX are perfect! Are you not allowed to use fireworks at your event? Then colour powders are the best alternative. The options are endless so do not hesitate and order your FX Powders by Magic FX quickly!

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