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Magix Presents Sound Forge Pro 3 Mac

Mac-users rejoice! Magix have just announced the release of version 3 of their popular Sound Forge software package. This comprehensive audio editor is an essential part of any professional recording studio.


For beginners and professionals

For the Sound Forge series, Magix have always ensured a combination of user-friendliness and functionality. The series features high-quality effects, good controls (thanks to the large number of efficient keyboard shortcuts), speed and practicality. This Pro 3 Mac version package is intuitive, which makes it ideal for beginners yet practical enough for advanced studio engineers.

New in version 3

Some of the newest functions in this version include new effects (like noise gate, reverb etc.) and automatic marking in places where clipping occurs. If you own SpectraLayers Pro 4, you'll appreciate the smooth integration in Sound Forge. Simply put, you can edit your waveform with the same ease as your spectogram. Another new feature is that you can burn Red Book CDs directly from the plugins without having to save renders in a temporary file.

Sound Forge Pro 3 is a strong new contender on the audio editing market. For more information regarding availability and pricing, please see the relevant product page.

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