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MAGIX VEGAS Pro 14 Video Editing Software

It's quite possibly the most popular video-editing software on the market today—VEGAS! We've come to version number 14, but that number is only the beginning of what's changed!

Could it be MAGIX

This software package was developed by Sonic Foundry, the company that put VEGAS on the map. After that, it was taken over by Sony, which is how we've carried it for years here at Bax Music. Now, the brand MAGIX has taken over the development of this popular product.

Dim all the lights

Who doesn't dream about making their own cinematic masterpiece? Lights! Camera! Action! And, VEGAS! This software is so easy to use, it makes video and audio editing accessible to everyone, regardless of whether you're making a wedding montage or a music video or a feature-length film. You don't need a diploma from the film academy to make the most of VEGAS and create incredible videos! Sonic Foundry laid the foundations, and MAGIX has now accepted the challenge to maintain the great reputation of this top-notch software.

Hot stuff

The three editions are comprised of the entry-level Edit version, the standard version, and the Suite version. While all three are very similar programs, they possess some important differences. The standard version is the perfect all-rounder, equipped with lots of audio and image effects, not to mention some excellent third-party software for outstanding visual effects. Edit does the same, but instead of third-party software, this last version offers exclusive home-brand versions. Suite takes things a step further and offers Boris Match Move and Boris FX 3D Objects as well. For most film projects, Edit will probably be sufficient, but if you fancy yourself to be the next James Cameron, you'll probably want to invest in Suite.

Try me, I know we can make it

All three of these video editing software packages are versatile and worth investing in. If you're ready to start your film career, you'll be off to a great start with VEGAS Pro!

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