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Make Musical Waves with Digitech's Nautila

Digitech are known for their top-quality, advanced multi-effects pedals like the Dirty Robot synth and the Polara reverb. With Nautila, you can sail the seven seas of sound with chorus and flanger effects.

Rough or smooth sailing?

The Nautila lets you make your own musical waves. Sail across a smooth surface or navigate stormy seas by adjusting the voice and drift controls. Up to eight chorus or four flanger voices can be added and controlled in real-time using the Drift knob. This compact effects pedal features stereo inputs and outputs and has True Bypass circuitry, so it won't affect your sound when it's not in use. The Nautila isn’t only for guitarists—innovative bassists may enjoy the effects this stomp box can produce too.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information.

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