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Marantz Launches Ribbon Microphones and Boom Poles

For some time now, Marantz has been focusing its attention on the pro audio segment, which has led to the development of a few very interesting products like the MPM-500R ribbon microphone. They've also come up with four boom pole stands in their Audio Scope series, the B9, B9C, B11 and the B11C. Some of these boom poles have an integrated XLR cable, which is what the 'C' in their name stands for.

MPM-500R: delicate has never sounded more musical

The Marantz MPM-500R ribbon microphone is fitted with an extremely sensitive diaphragm with a wide dynamic range. This makes it possible to use the MPM-500R for various instruments and applications, and ensures it captures the sound with great subtlety and accuracy. Thanks to a figure-8 pickup pattern, you can record multiple instruments equally and at the same time, with no difference in dynamics or audio phase. Practical additions to this mic are a built-in shock mount and pop filter. In short, this mic is nothing short of a high-end mic at a great price.

Boom poles: booms for everyone

With Marantz's B series of boom poles, you can be sure of a practical and functional solution for recording people who are particularly tough to get in close proximity close to. There is a significant difference between the B series and the B series marked with a 'C'. The latter have an integrated XLR cable, which means all you have to do is plug in the mic and you're good to go. Furthermore, the numbers in the names refer to their individual measurements in feet. Finally, the B9 offers four retractable sections for optimal flexibility while the B11 boasts five.

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