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Marshall Presents Wireless Major II Bluetooth Headphones

Are you all about the latest and greatest technology, but still quite fond of retro looks? Good news: Marshall's beloved Major II headphones now also come in a Bluetooth edition. It's entirely wireless without sacrificing audio quality at all!


With the Marshall Major II Bluetooth you'll always have your favourite music ready, without the need for a cable. The Major II Bluetooth headphones perform just as well as the non-wireless Major IIs, they're just as comfortable to wear and offer the same passive noise reduction, and come with the added bonus of more freedom to move around. When the battery is fully charged, you'll have up to 30 hours of playback time to look forward to - over three times as much as usual for a pair of Bluetooth headphones. That's great during long intercontinental flights, weekends in the country, or even while you're doing some work around the house.
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