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Meet Trace Elliot's New ELF!

Trace Elliot are back! Initially known for their large, heavy bass amplifiers, the brand is introducing some exciting new products that are innovative, compact and packed full of the latest technology. One of the highlights has to be the ELF: a compact bass guitar amplifier head that weighs just under 1 kg, yet is capable of producing 200 watts of power!

Trace Elliot ELF

Light in weight but not in performance

If we told you that the Trace Elliot ELF would fit in your pocket, you probably wouldn't believe us, so fortunately we've got the picture to prove it. It weighs just 730 grams and can produce 200 watts of power at 4 ohms! There's even a 3-band EQ in addition to the gain and volume controls so that you can tweak your sound to perfection. There are two matching speaker cabinets available as well and both are also lightweight and compact. The Trace Elliot 1x10 Cab produces 300 watts of power while the Trace Elliot 2x8 Cab produces 400 watts.

Trace Elliot 2017

All in one

We're not done yet! Trace Elliot are also introducing two handy multi-effects pedals that also function as a DI box and preamp. The Transit A is designed for acoustic guitarists and features effects including a boost, chorus, delay with tap tempo and a tuner. There's also Transit B which is a pedal for bassists that includes a 5-band EQ as well as pre-shape, compression and drive controls as well as tuner.

For more information including prices and delivery times, take a look at the relevant product pages.

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