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Mesa Boogie's Mark Five Now Available in a 35-Watt Combo and Head

Mesa Boogie now introduces, alongside the Mark Five Twenty-Five, the Mark Five Thirty-Five! Mesa has continued their glorious tradition by using four EL-84 power tubes in the amplifier, contrary to the earlier Mark Five Twenty-Five, that had to manage with 'only' two. This amp, preceded by the Nomad, Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five and the Caliber, has been released onto Mesa's mini platform in a combo as well as a head version.

35, 25 or 10 watts with 2 channels and 6 different modes

Using their patented Dyna-Watt technology, Mesa makes it possible yet again to switch between 35, 25 or 10 watts. The benefit of this system is that a lower wattage is required to reach saturation point so clipping occurs sooner, making this amp ideal for smaller gigs and studio or home recording sessions. This amp is equipped with two channels with three modes each. Channel 1 offers Clean, Fat and Crunch and channel 2 is essentially a tribute to the legendary MK IIC+-, MK IV- and the Mark V- (Xtreme) Mesa amps.

Improved features

The Mesa Mark Thirty-Five is not just a souped-up version of the Twenty-Five. It is loaded with new features. For starters, it has a channel-independent Solo button that provides an extra boost during solos. This button also functions as a master control which means you can set the Mark Thirty-Five louder than most amps with a comparable function. In addition, Mesa has made sure the total array of 'voicing modes' are applied in the CabClone D.I. section. You'll find three modes for recording directly to a mixing console or audio interface.


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