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Midas Presents MR12 and MR18 Wireless Mixers

These days, wireless mixers are becoming increasingly popular in the live audio industry. Now, Midas has jumped on the bandwagon too! They present two wireless mixers: the MR18 and the MR12. As we've come to expect from this brand, high-quality is their top priority. Naturally, they come complete with software that's compatible with PCs, tablets and smartphones.


With this new release, Midas have clearly decided to follow the same path that Behringer, Mackie, QSC, and Soundcraft have already gone down. Despite the fierce competition, their MR12 and MR18 have plenty to offer, including a sharp price, judging by what they plan to retail for in dollars—almost $900 for the 18-channel version and about $350 for the 12-channel edition. The mixers themselves offer an integrated Wi-Fi router, excellent signal transfer, durable microphone preamps on the inputs, and a ton of connection options.

Fewer cables

A digital mixer like the MR12 or the MR18 can save you the trouble of lugging cables with you; you won't need them to connect the mixing console to the stage! On the smaller MR12 version, you can connect 4 XLRs and 8 (or 12) jacks, MIDI IN and OUTs, two aux (jack), and use XLR for your main out. The larger MR18 gives you 16 XLR/TRS combos, 2 jack line inputs and 6 XLR aux channels. You've also got the option to connect to your PC by means of a USB-B port, or to your own monitor using the Ultranet connection (RJ45). Naturally, everything operates at super-fast internet speed (Ethernet, LAN or Wi-Fi) by means of specially-designed Midas apps.

These mixers won't be released until later this year, so keep an eye on our website for the latest information! For news on all the latest new products, check out our NAMM 2017 page!

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