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Monophonic Synth Mania with the New KORG Monologue!

After the success of the polyphonic minilogue, KORG now reveals the KORG monologue, a fully-analogue monophonic synthesizer available in five flashy colours!

Monologue: anything but boring

Despite the fact that the KORG monologue is very similar to the minilogue, it's not merely a monophonic copy of its predecessor. The analogue circuits of this synth have been completely revamped, putting the emphasis on the monophonic synthesis. The result is a powerful analogue synth that produces sounds beyond your wildest soundscape dreams. The monologue is available in five different colours, including Silver, Black, Red, Dark Blue and Gold, which means there's sure to be a KORG available in the colour that suits your personality best!

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product pages.

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