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Moog Announces Minimoog Model D Remake

Decades ago the late Bob Moog shook the music industry to its very core, in an unprecedented way. The Minimoog was a handheld device that heralded the arrival of modern-day synthesizers. Moog ultimately brought out many models, including the Model D from 1971.

Minimoog Model D remake

A new Minimoog Model D is on its way, and faster than you realise too. This is no simulation or emulation either, it's the real deal! The Model D will take you to analogue heaven and back again. While nothing has been changed from the original sound, a few small additions have been made for practical reasons. Make no mistake though, in terms of sound and appearance this Model D is as close to the original as can be.

New features on the Model D

With the new Model D it's possible to use the LFO and filter contour as a modulation source offering new possibilities to make sounds. The keys on the keyboard are Fatar TP-9s with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch. You can still control other devices via CV and there are now CV outputs for pitch, aftertouch, velocity and gate. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the MIDI IN, OUT and THRU capabilities. The connectors have also been improved so that the Model D is reliable enough to take on the road.

That's all we have for now but rest assured, Bax-shop's product page will have more details as soon as possible so that you'll be able to order the new Model D when it becomes available. We expect that to be around mid June 2016. They're being made by hand in North Carolina, so it's likely that there will only be a limited number available for sale per month. The sooner you order, the sooner you'll be able to tweak those Moog knobs.

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