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Moog Presents Mother-32 Lineup

Mention the word Moog to avid sound tweakers, and you'll see pupils dilating, eyes lighting up and smiles appearing. They'll be pleased to know that Moog has announced the Mother-32 synthesizer, a semi-modular Eurorack module.

The Mother-32 is Moog's very first Eurorack product, and to make its debut extra special, the renowned synth manufacturer has developed a few great accessories that make it even more desirable. More about that later, however, let's start off by introducing the synth itself! The Moog Mother-32 is a comprehensive monophonic synthesizer with lots of buttons, knobs and switches. Its one oscillator (VCO) allows for a wide range of different sounds, owing in part to the addition of a real Moog Ladder filter (low-pass, high-pass).


What make the Mother-32 truly interesting, though, are its 32 patch connectors. By matching sources to destinations, you're able to determine the synth's architecture. Connect the envelope to the filter depth, for instance, to the VCO pitch, or to any other of the patch matrix's available options. As always, the synthesizer's sound is fully analogue, and totally Moog throughout!


Moog's Mother-32 comes in a Eurorack housing, which is great if you'd like to create a modular Eurorack gear wall in your studio. Moog is well aware that most sound designers feel that the more knobs, lights and switches there are, the better, so they designed two rack kits, the Two-Tier Rack Kit and the Three-Tier Rack Kit, which enable you to mount two and three Mother-32 modules respectively. Do you have more Eurorack modules that you'd like to place in the same good-looking Moog frame? The Moog 60 HP Eurorack Case is just the thing you need. Do you need a set of extra patch cables for your Mother-32? They're readily available. How about a spare power supply unit? No problem whatsoever!

In short, it's time to start saving up. They might require a bit of an investment, but patching two or three of these Mother-32 synthesizers together will open up a world of possibilities. Imagine what you could do if you filled up two of these rack kits!


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