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More Bass with QSC K Cardioid Subwoofer and E Series

With a regular subwoofer, you can often lose low tones. QSC has found the solution to that problem and named it the K Cardioid. They plan to officially launch this active sub at the 2017 NAMM show next week. It has a cardioid directional pattern at its core which effectively prevents low frequencies from escaping via the rear or sides of the cabinet, resulting in more bass and a higher sound pressure level!

I <3 QSC

The K Cardioid takes all placement, delay, and polarity issues out of your hands thanks to two 12-inch excursion drivers that are housed in a sixth-order bandpass chamber. In other words, you've got a sort of line array sub that powerfully projects your audio forward. Your bass frequencies will sound better than ever with the QSC K Cardioid Sub!

Double your fun

New additions to QSC's passive E series are the E215 passive full-range loudspeaker and the E218SW passive subwoofer with two15-inch speakers in the former and two 18-inch speakers in the latter. The E215 is ideal as a line array because both drivers can deliver high and low tones without causing distortion or clipping. The woofer is clearly made to go as low and loud as possible. To make the most of both speakers, we recommend pairing them with a GXD or PLD amplifier or a TouchMix mixer.

Check out our NAMM page for news on all the latest new products!

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