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More Metal Amps from Randall!

Amplifier manufacturer Randall is a true icon when it comes to heavier styles of music. Pantera's Dimebag Darrell used Randall amps when recording their best albums and Metallica's Kirk Hammett is also a fervent user of Randall amps. They're not always the easiest to come by, but we've got them here at Bax Music!

Full-on amp heads

For fans of that in-your-face sound, transistor (solid state) amplifier heads are perfect. Dimebag Darrell used a Randall RG-100. The latest versions of this amp head are known as the Randall RG1503H and the Randall RG3003H, which produce 150 and 300 watts of power respectively. If you're looking for more warmth and a full tube sound, then the Randall Satan is the ultimate amp head for you. It features no less than three gain controls for the lows, the highs, and the overall sound for some serious shredding.

Devil's choice

It's not just the Satan that offers a full tube sound, but the Diavlo amp heads too. Whether you want devilish tube overdrive at home or on the stage, there's a Randall Diavlo model to suit your requirements. The 1-watt Randall RD1H is perfect for use at home, while the 100-watt Randall RD100H will take care of your on-stage requirements. There are also Diavlo models with 5, 20 and 45 watts of power available.

Cool cabinets

An amp head is nothing, without a speaker cabinet, of course. The Randall RD212 features two 12-inch speakers, while the Randall RD412 has four 12-inch speakers. If capturing your guitar signal with a microphone as purely as possible is important to you, then you should take a look at the Randall ISO12C. This isolation cabinet is equipped with a Celestion V30, one of the best-ever metal speakers. It'll faithfully reproduce the most brutal guitar sounds you can muster.

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