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Morley Unveils M2 Maverick and Tremonti Wah Pedals

The innovative Morley team has been busy! They've been working hard to bring the Maverick Switchless Wah and Maverick Contour Wah into the 21st century, and giving the powerful Tremonti Wah an update as well! Whether you're a guitarist, bassist or keyboard player, the new generation of Morley Wahs will give your sound a whole new dimension.


A wah pedal is rather versatile to start with, allowing you to add accents to any funky licks, or expression to a solo. Morley's new wah-wahs each have their own functionality and sound. Which model is best for you will depend on what you want to use it for. The M2 Maverick Switchless Wah, for instance, is an excellent all-rounder. With the M2 Maverick Contour Wah, you'll be able to influence the sound of your instrument even more. Finally, thanks to the M2 Tremonti Wah's volume boost, this model is especially well-suited for face-melting guitar solos!

Easy to use

The new Morley Wahs use a special optical hybrid circuit, which means that the effect will engage as soon as you step on the pedal. You won't hear a click, like you would on a regular effect pedal, and as soon as you take your foot off the pedal, the effect will stop. Thanks to the True Tone Bypass Buffer, the quality of your signal will remain optimal at all times. Finally, the steel housing, too, adds to these American pedals' durable character.

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